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10 Reasons To Start Your Blog in 2020

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10 reasons to start a blog

Nowadays we often hear the term blogging.  Blogging is becoming very popular worldwide. This is becoming a means of earning along with expressing oneself.

So what is it in the blog that you should also start your own blog?

Let us know why you also start your own blog website.

In this post, I will let you know some such facts so that you can decide why you should start your own blog today.

Do you want to start your blog

1. Blogging will boost your confidence.

Many of us feel shy to express ourselves. Whenever you want to speak anything in public, in a class, or during a journey, you hesitate to speak. Blogging is a very good medium for such people to speak their minds to the world.

Through blogging, we can write our thoughts, some of our special knowledge or skill, and reach out to many people. In this way, in a very short time, we become popular among people. People’s comments give a chance to interact with unknown people. Comments increase our confidence, and thus we start writing even better.

One thing is very important that we should do blogging only on our favorite subject so that we keep writing it continuously for a long time.

If you write on a subject in which you have to do a lot of research, or reading, then believe me you will get bored very soon and end up in the middle.

Everyone has some favorite subjects like cooking, teaching, traveling, gossip, yoga, fitness, or reviewing a gazette, etc. You can choose your favorite subject to write with less effort.  I believe that you will prove to be a very good blogger. (I was also like that in the beginning)

2. It’s like writing a diary

We all know that writing a diary has become very old, and very few people even like it.  But, blogging is like a kind of online diary, where the entire world read the content you have written.

Maybe people get influenced by the content you have written. Generally, other bloggers put comments on your nice write up.  It gives a chance to become a friend with each commenter.  Sometimes it is fun to write.

3. Blogging is a very enjoyable experience

If you step into the world of blogging, you will find that it is a very large family where different types of people live.  You will feel that it is wonderful to be part of this blogging community.  You will be known all over the world through your writing.

Blogging is enjoyable experience

Many times it happens that some companies like your content, then they themselves approach you and want to link to your blog.  This type of linking is wonderful and of course, you enjoy doing this.

4. Blogging can also be a source of earning

Once you got fond of writing, then believe me that you can make a lot of money through blogging. This hobby can become your profession, in which you can earn a very good income writing from the comfort of your home.

This is a kind of passive income source as well.  Where you can make a lot of money by writing content on your favorite topic and keep getting revenue for a longer period of time.

Many people in the world have become rich doing blogging. You can also become rich. Just identify the writer inside you and start writing, then everything else will be history.

5. The world of blogging is amazing

All fellow bloggers consider blogging to be a very large community and welcome each other to be a part of it. By doing this you will see that you are not alone.

You can post your first blog on the bloglovin site.  Here you can post your blog and learn how it works. You may check other writer content as well before writing, it helps to compose your own thoughts.

Give yourself a chance to write and become successful in this. Just need to think first, then focus yourself. Ask you, what you can write better. You will receive the best answer. Respect you and your answer.

6. It enhances self-growth

You demonstrate yourself to the world through your writing work. If you ever read the content written by you, you will be surprised that you are the one who has written it. It will boost your self-development.

Every popular blogger is impressed by his old blog and learn from it to do more better in next blog. Thus the person gets self-developed and stays motivated.

7. It also enhances your technical qualities

As you progress in the world of blogging, you will find that you are becoming technically very strong.

In your blog, you add photos, format fonts, change photo formats, identifying keywords, etc. These are essentials to give your reader a better reading and visualizing experience.

In the course of time, you come to know about SEO, social media marketing, etc. You will start feeling very confident by knowing practically these technical things.

8. Time does not bind to type

Blogging gives you the freedom to write as per your own comfortable time. There is no pressure. You are your own boss. Yes, of course, you have to stick to some basics to become a more successful blogger.

There is no time constraint here. You write at different time slots. It is up to you, everything is in your control.

9. Blogging is one of the best ways to market a business

You see that almost all companies post a blog on its website. It increases the company’s recognition, popularity among people.

Keeping readers updated with the latest innovation, repot, upcoming project, etc through a blog is a kind of marketing method.

Whether the content is very good or not,  it hardly matters. Way of saying it all does matter. People like to read periodically blog posts from a lot of companies.

10. Ultimately it is also a chance to earn

Money is the ultimate goal of writing or starting a blog because money gives motivation and everyone needs this. Blogging is a great opportunity to make money online.

Content should be easy to read and understand. Put authentic information only.  Before posting, read yourself, and see if it appeals to you first. Once it appeals to you, it will be appreciated by others as well.

Do you want to start your blog now

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