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Copy Paste Job: Earn $500 Per Week Through Copy and Paste Jobs

Copy Paste Job:  Finally, I have found a legit, most trusted way to make money online working from home.

As you know,  work from home culture is now a new normal. All big organizations are preferring ‘work from home’.

Now, question arises for those who already lost their full-time salaried job and hence in this unpredictable tough situation, how to manage home and other fixed expenses.

Friends, this situation is worldwide so no need to be panic, just keep calm inside and believe in you. Every unseen tough time taught a good lesson to us. So never get down, just identify the new opportunity, learn it and implement it to earn your money.

I am constantly trying to bring which make money online without any investment. Just have to give yourself a time to plan and implement the ideas to online works.

Today, I am going to share a very legit way to work from home and that is copy and paste job, which you can do at any time.

Here is a site name: Traffic Domination Network

Traffic Domination Network

Just register yourself here, it takes 2-3 days to approve your account. Once approved, you will get approved links to share, promote.

Once your account approved, you will find OFFERS, on the dashboard of your traffic domination account. Just visit that, and see there are a lot of pre-approved links which you can promote.

Now, you may think that it is something tough and you may not continue. You are absolutely correct.

But wait, if you try to promote CPA networks, it might not work for you. I strongly suggest choosing a CPL ( click per lead).

CPL is low value which for lead generation only, and it works actually. Because people don’t have to buy anything, they have to sign up and that ‘s it. Once they sign up, it is called a lead, and you will receive the commission whatever amount is showing on the dashboard.

See below the screenshot of the links to be promoted and its value.

Copy and Paste job

How Copy and Paste job involved in this?

Suppose you want to promote the following CPL:


It is something for weight loss lead generation network. So how can you use your copy paste job practice in this?

Just open its landing page from the dashboard.

once you click on the link from the offer page, it will open up a CPL detail page. On the detail page you will see the landing page button, just click on that to visit the actual site for lead capturing landing page. ( Refer the image below)

Copy paste job

Now, you need to promote or advertise the link with suitable text.  To place the advertisement in a free classified network,  you need to sign up free in the following site: The Free Ad Forum Classified Ads

Register here free of cost and publish your ad with following text. ( Just, for example, you can write about your selected CPL and  image )

Free Ad Forum

Advert example: Just Copy and paste job

Check the image below for the sample advert. You can also create your own in this way, its just copy and paste job.

Add one image to make it more appealing. you can find an image on the pixabay for free.

Once you create the advert, added the image, now have to select country, region, city ( all these three are mandatory to show ads).

Suppose you want to show ad in United States, California, and any city of California, then you have to select like this. ( see in the image below).

Don’t forget to put in some keywords. Keywords are search term people use to search in Google search or anywhere.

Ad location setting

That is all about copy and paste job. There are many CPL, and other affiliate products you can promote in this way.

Once you become pro in this, try to learn Facebook Ad and use that also for maximising the earning.

Bottom Line

I hope I have explained in a quick and short way to make you able to carry this easy task and earn some basic money in starting. Once you will start getting a good amount, your confidence level will go higher and higher.

All the best, just try this and let me know your feedback on this through the comment box. If any help needed, do not hesitate to put in the comment box, I reply to each comment.

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