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Earn $100 Daily Online – Open Your Online T-Shirt Store For Free

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Can you really earn $100 daily online from home? Yes, friends, you can make money from home.

I am going to explain how to open your online T-Shirt store online for free. Yes,  WITHOUT any investment!

These days, a lot of money making ideas are floating around various message channels.  But we have to be really very careful while checking any link there in the short message box.

They might be phishing links and may harm your system.

There are many niches to open your store online without any investment, but here I am going to talk about a fashion related. This niche is always in demand.

It sounds good to read such type of earning method, but most of the people either leave reading in the middle or they simply hold on to try on this method.

My advice is to just try it out while reading or after reading, then only it will help you further.

Okay, we are going to see how we can open our T-Shirt store, where no stock, inventory, order fulfilment is required by us. It is all managed by the portal owner itself.

In the USA, in Europe, people use to buy T-shirts very frequently. Teespring is USA based company providing an opportunity to open a store on their portal free of cost.

Teespring is one of the best online T-shirt stores where cheap and customized designer T-shirts are available.

It is absolutely free to sign up. You need to sign up, set up a store, and place your creative design for the T-shirt, coffee mug, mobile cover, leggies, etc.

Earn $100 Daily online

Let’s see step by step how you can set up your store.

Watch the following video for a quick walkthrough of opening the Teespring Store.

As soon as you sign up, confirm your email account. Login into the account and hit Start Designing beside the Login button. ( Top Right Corner). Please watch the video given above for a quick leaning.

Teespring is completely free to use, we don’t have to pay any monthly fee. It is free to use. Just upload your design, customize the T-shirt, and other items to list and sell.

TeeSpring will take care of order management, printing, shipping, and customer support.

Now, once logged into the account, click on Start Designing on Top Right Corner. Then choose the product type such as:

  • Apparel ( T-shirts, Tank tops, sweatshirts)
  • Home ( pillow cover, poster, canvas, etc)
  • Accessories ( phone cover, bag, sticker, Coffee mug).

Just we have to select any one product type to start.  After selecting the product type, it will ask,

” What would you like to do with your design?”

Simply select Sell from this option.

Earn $100 Daily online

Once you click on the sell box, it will take you to the design dashboard. On the design dashboard area, we can customize the T-shirt which we have selected in the Product Type window.

Product Customization

  1. Add the customize image or any graphics which we have designed. ( Don’t worry if you don’t have any design or image. I will give your tips on how to find free images on the internet)
  2. In addition to the graphics/image, some Text/quote is also good to have to make an appealing effect.
  3. We can add more colors as well. Keeping only default color will limit the selection by the customer.
  4. Price- We can set the maximum retail price.

teespring Earn money online

Continue to next window

After designing your T-shirt, and setting up the price you can go to the next window to apply this design and publish the listing.

Before publishing the listing proper title and description are required.

How does Teespring work?

As a seller, we have to design, create, and publish the listing only. Once buyers purchase the item, the spring will print and ship to the customer.

How we can promote the listing

To promote the listing, social medial like Facebook, Instagram plays a major role. Youtube also a very good platform to promote the listing.

Teespring has a tie-up with youtube and it provides special tools to collaborate with youtube.

For more information about youtube with the Teespring, please refer to this site, and the following video.

Marketing Tips

  • Promoting through Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is no longer providing organic search. It means that only paid adverts will work on Facebook. If we can use paid advertising on Facebook, then chances are high to get more sell.

We can join some community where product posting allows. Similarly, we can like various pages where millions of people connected. ( Likes on Page).

We can post with suitable content so that traffic comes to the Teespring listing site.

Suppose we have designed a T-shirt with cute animal images, then we can like some pages on Facebook related to cats. For example:

Cat Facebook Fan page

You can like this page and post a nice comment with the image and link of the Teespring listing.  There is some chance to bring traffic from here to the listing.

For quick results, we can try paid advertising as well.

  • Twitter Promotion

We can post a T-shirt image with a listing link. Make a short video and post across all the social media channels as well as here on Twitter.

  • Instagram

Instagram plays a major role to promote designs, graphical things.  So, you can use Instagram to send traffic to the listing.

  • You can start your own Fashion store using WordPress and Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc.

It is nice to have our own website so that at some point in the course of time, it starts giving results.

However, this is time taking technique but can be done simultaneously.

In the beginning, it won’t give good results, but once it starts getting traffic, can be a good source of selling.

Bonus Tips for better design :

I know, competing with a professional designer is really tough in the virtual store. So, what a non-designer can do to get noticed on the Teespring and the paid adverts converts into sales?

Yes, you can get world-class T-shirt designer on Fiverr and that too very cheap. Have a look at the following design provider on Fiverr and their price per design.

You can get your design from here, apply to your Teespring T-shirt and promote that.

In a few months, you will become a real professional seller on Teespring.

Fiverr T-shirt Designers


You can try Etsy for good designs, quotes already created for T-shirts.  It is cheaper than Fiverr.  Sign up for Etsy account, and search by typing “T-shirt design PNG” or “Engineer T-shirt design SVG”.

It will give you a very wide range of designs to select from.

Purchase from here and use it on Teespring to design the T-shirts.

Etsy T-shirt Design


Starting your own eStore on The Teespring is a nice idea. It is a very powerful tool. You need to pay attention and lean on a daily basis to improve the listing. There are learning videos available on Teespring.

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