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Earn Money Online: Make money with YouTube 2020

Earn money online

Earn Money Online: When Google bought YouTube for around $ 1.6 billion in 2006, many were sceptical. It was rated as a risky purchase, but the critics have long since fallen silent.

YouTube is the most popular and successful video portal in the world and is one of the websites with the highest traffic.

Of course, this also means that you can earn good money on YouTube. In this article, I present possibilities and specifically address the YouTube partner program, but also alternatives.

Can You Earn Money Online With YouTube?

For a long time, it was not easy to make money on YouTube. Most of all, it was the traffic that came from the videos that could be monetized.

In the meantime, however, a lot of money is being made on YouTube itself.

On Statista there is an infographic that shows, among other things, what the top 10

YouTube channels earn a year. This is, of course, impressive income, which shows that money can now really be made with video.

Earning Money with YouTube – What is Realistic?

Even if millions of dollars a year sound very good, you have to be realistic.

Analyzes show that these top channels have been around for a long time, have published a large number of videos during this time and thus generated billions of views.

You shouldn’t look at YouTube too optimistically and also be aware that it takes a long time to build up a large subscriber base and achieve the necessary number of video views to earn significant amounts.

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The YouTube affiliate program

A long time ago, Google opened its affiliate program. Before that, you had to apply and only large, active and successful channels were included.

But now every YouTube channel can activate the monetization that has at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time in the past 12 months.

To do this, log in to your YouTube account, go to the backend and find the opportunity to become a YouTube partner under “Monetization”.

If you click on it, you can get the opportunity to activate monetization and accept the terms of use, if the requirements are met.

The next step is to link your AdSense account to your channel to earn money online.

If you were then activated after applying, you can select the ad formats that you want to use in your own videos.

On the one hand, there are the overlay ads that are displayed at the bottom of the video. Also, there are advertising videos that are displayed in front of your own video. In the small window of the preview, you can see how these ads will be placed.

There is also an advertising banner to the right of the video.

Videos already in the channel are checked and, if necessary, automatically activated for monetization. You can also do this manually and later choose whether you want to have advertising there or not for new videos.

A green dollar sign indicates that this video is advertised.

Link your AdSense account to YouTube

Earn money online

The YouTube affiliate program is actually nothing more than AdSense for videos. That’s why you have to connect your AdSense account to your YouTube account in order to be able to earn money with your videos.

If you use the same login data or if you have already made a link, then you select the AdSense account when applying for the YouTube partner program and you don’t have to do anything more.

Once you have made the settings, in the future you will receive monthly income from your YouTube channel via AdSense. By the way, you can also link several YouTube channels to one AdSense account.


Google has set strict content guidelines for YouTube channels and their monetization. So you can only monetize video for which you have full rights. Of course, you mustn’t violate any copyrights.

Other content, e.g. with pornography, violence, drugs, etc. is also not permitted. If you violate this, the measures taken by Google range from being excluded from the affiliate program to closing the channel, to blocking the AdSense account.

The latter in particular is, of course, dangerous for those who earn good money with normal website AdSense ads.

Furthermore, all manipulation of views and clicks is of course prohibited, you are not allowed to click yourself and, for example, neither buy nor call up views or clicks.

Of course, you can market your video, but any attempts to artificially increase the views or clicks will cause trouble.

And now advertising is no longer possible if the videos are primarily aimed at children.

Who is it for?

That all sounds good, but not everyone will really be able to make money from it. New videos and a large reach are required regularly.

Of course, it helps if the content of your own videos interests a lot of people. It’s not for nothing that the topics of music, games and comedy are most frequently represented in the top 1,000 channels.

But of course, many others know that too, so you have to offer something special that makes you stand out from the crowd.

A large community outside of YouTube is also helpful. If you already have a very well-visited website or a well-read blog, it is, of course, easier to market your own videos.

AdSense for videos is subject to the same conditions as normal AdSense. You need a lot of traffic and a suitable topic.

The click prices should not be particularly high for the topic categories just mentioned, so that the traffic factor becomes even more important.

As a rule, one assumes around 1 Dollar AdSense revenue per 1,000 video views.

In the end, very few YouTubers will earn a lot with the YouTube affiliate program. Only those who have great stamina and deliver quality will benefit in the long term.

Other ways to make money on YouTube

Even without the affiliate program, it is possible to earn good money directly or indirectly with YouTube.

For example, by installing affiliate links or by generating traffic, which is then monetized through advertising, for example.

Channel memberships are now also possible and crowdfunding is also becoming increasingly popular.


With the YouTube partner program, Google has launched another interesting source of income that makes it possible to earn money.

If you do a lot with videos anyway, have good viewer numbers and have an AdSense account, you should definitely test this source of income.

In addition to the free video hosting that YouTube enables, you can also earn money online with your videos.

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