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Handling Stress and Anxiety during Lockdown

Handling Stress and Anxiety during Lockdown

This era of Corona is also a period of tension. Life is imprisoned in homes. With health concerns, future fears are also troubling, but is the corona permanent? No. Then do not let worry also become permanent. Stress cannot be avoided, but do not let it dominate you during lockdown.

The coronavirus affects all countries of the world. Economic superpowers like America and Germany are also shaking. Thankfully, India stands firmly in front of this calamity. However, as a side effect of this calamity, a new confusion is definitely coming out.

People imprisoned in homes for many days are now struggling with anxiety and stress. Prolonged exposure or stress can make people prone to serious illnesses.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the real cause of this tension and to find a solution to them as quickly as possible.

What Is The Problem And Why?

We plan everything and work. Where our planning fails, we start taking stress. Sometimes some situations come that we do not experience nor do we have any preparation. Something similar is happening these days. Coronavirus and this lock-down is one such unexpected situation. In this, we are mainly dealing with two problems, which are increasing stress.

It has the main economical situation. The economic conditions of the people have been disturbed in the lockdown. The budget of the house has deteriorated. Either people working in the private sector have a crisis over economic sources or sources have been reduced. People are apprehensive about the future of jobs. In such a situation, signs of irritability, anger, and depression have started appearing inside the people. Those who do not have financial problems are also seen under stress.

The reason for this is that these days all the members of the house are living together round the clock. We are currently spending quantity time instead of quality time. This is causing problems of adjustment, which is causing ideological differences, quarrels, and tension.

These 5 Methods Will Relieve Stress During This Lockdown


1. Make A Budget First

The biggest cause of stress in most families at this time is economic. Talk to all the adult members of your family about your financial situation and share the problems that may come with them. Then prepare the budget of the house according to the changed circumstances on paper. Now if you look at this budget, you will find that you can avoid a lot of expenses for this time and thus avoid big stress.

2. Follow The Principle Of Profit And Loss

If we run life on the principle of right or wrong at this time, many problems will come, as if you did this thing wrong, you should do such a thing or not, etc. However, if we follow the principle of loss and profit then our adjustment will be good.

For example, avoid doing anything that may harm you or harm someone else. It is also called the Win-Win formula. If couples have a compatibility issues, try not to stay in front of each other round the clock. Do not even try to control each other. Do not criticize your partner or family members.

3. Make Waking And Sleeping Routine

A big reason for stress is that our routine has deteriorated. Like we are waking up late in the morning. Tension begins to dominate only after waking up late. Therefore, first of all, make the same routine of waking and sleeping, this was before the lockdown. This rule alone will help relieve stress to a great extent. In this way, set a clear routine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

4. Make Your To-Do List

Make your to-do list, so that whenever circumstances will be normal, then you can decide how to pursue life. This time can also be a storehouse of opportunities. At this time, we can develop new skills regarding our careers. This will keep us busy and learning new skills and it will also create confidence in us which will eventually help to work out the stress itself.

5. Complete Hobbies

We often complain that we are unable to complete our hobbies due to lack of time. Now that you have time, use it to complete your hobbies. It will fill you with energy, which will release happy hormones in your body. These hormones will help to work your stress levels.


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