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Life Hack- Quality Of Life Makes Quality Of Circumstances

Life Hack

‘Now’ means present is the gift of God. You are more important than any situation in your life. Therefore, this day and you should be fully utilized. Our responsibility is limited but the grace of God is limitless. This life hack definition experience should be our teacher and guide. The experience of a divine presence is an integral but fundamental component of our existence. Below are some examples of life hack, which help us improve our living style.

Distraction Is Necessary For Attraction

Distraction is necessary for attraction. The rest is necessary for work. We ourselves are our best resource, if we work, do it with full devotion or not. Even if we do not have all the answers, but do we have the right questions? Do we know our environment, environment, our time, and our situation? It is necessary to know them before making full use of them. How do these situations become?

These vary according to our situation – different at home and different at the office. Some we deliberately make efforts and some inadvertently become unintentional. Friends make effort, but enemies sometimes make it effortlessly.

After deep consideration of this point, it becomes clear that the spontaneous creation of circumstances is in accordance with the principle of karma. The sources of our present intent and endeavor are under our past influence. Since the present means past-oriented, our circumstances consist of past and present. Maybe our relations with people are bad. They do not speak well about us.

Life Hack- Quality Of Life Makes Quality Of Circumstances

We may not have spoiled anything for anyone, but still, if there are misunderstandings about us, what explanation will we give about this? We have to take the world as it is, our responsibility is for the bad and the good. That is why we are more responsible for our happiness and sorrow than our circumstances because ultimately we are the creator of them.

Be Self-Supporting

We consider nature to be self-supporting in our will. This technique of taking from circumstances is in the mindset of giving, nature’s law is that if you want to take, you have to give. They reap what they sow.

Production is consumed, parents give protection and affection to their offspring and in return, they are happy with the happiness of their children. Love leads to love and hate of hatred. The response of a child to love or harsh behavior varies.

This is the principle of work-cause or action-reaction. Even if there is no direct reaction of our karma to anyone, consider it as a natural reaction.

Flow with the Law of Nature

The laws of nature cannot be denied. If a person is jealous of us, we will either envy him or someone else. Everyone will know if you grope your heart. Our circumstances are the result of our actions – not of the present but of the past.

So it is necessary that we think well, do good. Be pure from conscience. Great energy will transfer. Our environment will get better. When we counteract any evil in the same way, we fall to the same evil level. Outside courtesy is fine but internal good behavior creates our conditions.

After this, if something bad happens, consider it as the result of the deeds of the previous birth or the offerings of God. We may have shortcomings. Every human has it. But if the lentils are equal to the salt or the point in the Indus, then it will work.

Stamina, love, purity of mind, forgiveness, and loyalty are the foundations that enable us to derive pleasure from our circumstances. This is the basic principle of giving in life. The object and the world become a fair consciousness invested in the world. Which unites us to our original meaning.

Deal With the Situations

There are two types of situations – “Root and Conscious”, living, and non-living. It is said that nothing in the universe is lifeless. This is what physics says. Everything has vibrancy, sensation, and motion there is energy within. Yet in the field of relative existence, we distinguish root and conscious.

They consider the house to be the root. Conscious of cow but the principle of mutual importance for both best uses is fruitful. Therefore, if we want to make good use of the circumstances, then we also have to be well-versed in their context.

Home and garden are both roots. However, by decorating them, taking care of them, and occasional maintenance, they also become sources of our joy. A seed gives several times the yield. The same is true with our behavior.

In another context, there are also two types of situations – proximal and remote. Proximal is the result of our covenant. It is influenced by our behavior. Pluck flowers and keep them in water, then it will work for some time. If left alone, it will wither away.

The Outer Situations

The outer situations are influenced by our feelings and thoughts. If we understand carefully, the feeling of the heart or brain of our distant friend or relative across the seven seas will be in line with the feelings of our heart and brain. The waves of thoughts are more powerful than the waves of words and deeds, this is the law of life hack.

However, the waves emanating from thoughts, words, and deeds remain in the environment, but the thought-wave goes very deep. This is why we get exactly what we think, we have understood how thoughts and actions affect the universe and our individual thoughts and actions have the same cosmic response.

The quality of our environment is according to the quality of our life if we are guided by the principle of giving before taking, then the results are in the same proportion. Our circumstances return to us in various forms what we give.

Some people say that human beings are slaves to the conditions, but in reality, the conditions are permanent under our own control. That is why transcendental meditation is necessary because it connects us with our soul and soul.

Bottom Lines

We begin to experience all that was not possible due to a lack of concentration and self-consciousness. We begin to get such a bliss-consciousness that ensures a favorable response to situations as a result of a holistic approach to life, cosmic consciousness enters the whole conscious person. Then we come from the mind and brain to the level of life; this is the life hack through, which natural rules make all kinds of development self-nurturing.


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