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Making Money On The Internet: 10 Serious Mistakes to Avoid

Making Money On The Internet

Making Money On The Internet: There are tons of bloggers and website owners out there who are making little or no money on the Internet when they really want to. They are then quickly disappointed and let up in their efforts.

In this small two-part series of articles, I would like to address a total of 10 mistakes that should be avoided when making money on the Internet. Then it works with the income.

Failure to make money on the internet:

In the first part, I introduce 5 mistakes that are often made when making money on the Internet.

This is not about technical errors, but in most cases, the problem lies with your own attitude and practical implementation. Anyone can work on it.

1.  You don’t start

A big problem that I see again and again is due to being hesitant for too long. Instead of getting started, people think about whether it is really worth it or not.

For example when creating niche websites. There are, of course, a few things that one should do before building a niche website. The analysis and selection of a good niche is very important. But that shouldn’t be a thing to think about for weeks or months. Some people are forever looking for the perfect niche that just doesn’t exist.

In addition, many ponder whether they should really start. They worry that by the end of their life they might have invested 50 hours and the niche website is not going to be a success. But when you consider how many countless hours most people waste on pointless things, I don’t think that’s an argument. And even if the first niche website is not a success (neither was mine), then you have learned a lot and gained so much important experience.

Anyone who hesitates and does not start wastes time in which you could be further yourself and in which your own website could already have its first good rankings, e.g. in Google.

So get started! Not tomorrow, but today!

2.  You have no plan

Getting started quickly is important, but you should still know what you want to do.

Simply creating a website from the gut and taking any other measures can help, but usually, you will be far below the possible potential. Therefore, you should have a plan of exactly where you want to go and what you want to do step by step.

So if you start a blog, for example, you should think about the topic as well as what the competition looks like, which target group you want to address exactly, what content is useful for it, how often you can write new articles, which marketing measures you use, which sources of income make sense etc.

It’s not about setting everything in stone, on the contrary. Of course, you learn a lot with the implementation and that affects your own plan, which is constantly adapting. However, you should not start without a headache and without goals, as you will never know what you have already achieved and what is possible.

3.  For you, money is the most important thing

For those who want to earn money on the Internet, money is of course important. But if you only think about money, you will often fail.

There is now also great competition on the Internet, especially because the costs for your own website are so low. To be successful here, you have to build something special and really stand behind it.

Of course, this costs effort and time and possibly money. In addition, it is hard work to become successful on the internet overnight.

Anyone who starts a website with the sole aim of making money will give up very quickly. I’ve seen that over and over again in recent years. Money as motivation is not permanent, there has to be more.

4.  You don’t think about your visitors

Making Money On The Internet

This point is strongly related to the previous one. Unfortunately, there are many website operators and even bloggers who do not think about their own visitors. It is optimized primarily for Google and designed according to your own ideas, layout, content and monetization.

However, this is not optimal, because in the end, what counts most is whether the visitors/readers like your own website. They must have added value, because only then will they come back, buy something, click on advertising, etc.

Therefore it is important to think of the potential readers and to align your own website primarily with them. Ideally, of course, you will find an intersection that you and the readers like.

Under no circumstances should you ignore your own visitors, because then it will be difficult to earn money on the Internet.

5.  You don’t obey the rules

One of the reasons why the Internet is so interesting for making money is that you can be very flexible. It is easy to implement new ideas and be creative. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stick to a few rules if you want to be successful in the long term.

There are many website operators who think they can outsmart Google. Tricks of some kind on your own website or bought links try to get to the top in Google faster than would normally be the case. However, Google is becoming more and more intelligent and those who overdo it often find themselves at the bottom of the rankings with a penalty.

But the legal point of view cannot be ignored either. The internet is no longer a lawless zone. In the past, it wasn’t, but today the prosecution of legal violations is much stricter and it is not for nothing that many lawyers have specialized in, for example, prosecuting copyright violations. A single warning in the four-digit range can eat up the first income very quickly.

If you stick to the rules, however, you can build a stable and successful website and earn money.

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Another 5 mistakes made when making money online

Mistakes are not generally bad because you can learn a lot from them.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to make every mistake yourself and there are also a few more serious ones that you should avoid, as your own online business will otherwise suffer greatly.

6.  You let the easy money lure you

A problem that I also had in the first years of my self-employment was that the temptation to make quick money is already quite big.

My blogs were relatively young and I haven’t made that much money with them. That meant that overall, financially, I wasn’t exactly a bed of roses. You will find offers from companies to write about a product in exchange for money, of course, very tempting. Affiliate programs that promise high commissions are also very exciting.

The problem was often that I didn’t know the products myself or didn’t use them. It was even more problematic when I didn’t find the product particularly good. Sometimes an inner conflict has already worked for me, so to speak the little devil and the angel on my shoulders.

In the vast majority of cases, however, I then opted for the long-term view of things and not for short-term profit. Building a name and a reach takes a lot of time. However, if you give in to the temptation of quick money against all common sense, you can quickly lose reputation and reach again.

That is why I can only advise every newcomer to online business to always pay attention to the long-term effects and not just look at the money with all the opportunities and possibilities that present themselves to you.

7.  You only care about the content

I firmly believe that content is still the most important thing about most websites today. At least if you want to build a long-term successful website with regular readers and stable rankings, you need content that is exciting and useful for the readers.

So there’s nothing wrong with concentrating 100% on your own content, right?

Yes, it is. Because even if the content is certainly the most important thing for many website types, this alone seldom makes you successful or you will never exhaust the potential of your own website.

A successful website takes much more than the content. Good search engine optimization is still very important today because Google is still by far the most important traffic source.

Furthermore, things like social media marketing, error-free technology, loading times, cooperations, monetization and more play an important role in making a website successful.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you have good content, visitors will come. Website owners have to be a writer, optimizer and marketer in one.

8.  You don’t really hang in there

The dream of making money on the internet is very tempting. I notice this almost every day when I read comments or emails in which people hope to become successful with their website.

Unfortunately, however, the picture that these people have of online business is often very distorted. Here and there write an article or produce a video and Internet users are running through the virtual website doors. It doesn’t work like that, never!

Instead, building a successful website or e.g. a successful YouTube channel is hard work.

In the first few years of my self-employment, I put in many, many hours of overtime in order to build my online business. You could say that in addition to my work as a web designer, I built up my blogs and websites “part-time”.

If you want to start a successful website alongside your job today, even if it’s just a niche website, you have to really get involved.

This also applies if you don’t really feel like it or if your buddies are going to party. Only those who have their own website at the top of their priority list really have the chance to be successful.

9.  You give up too quickly

This is closely related to the previous point. Many website owners just give up too quickly.

I just saw this again during the Niche Page Challenge. So many participants started with great ambitions and hopes, only to give up in the middle and give up completely.

Why is that? Maybe because of the wrong expectations or the fact that you weren’t really into it with all your heart.

It is clear that making money on the Internet is not a sprint, but a marathon. It usually takes years to make good money with a website and maybe make a living from it.

But that also has an advantage. Many competitors will give up because they imagined it would be easier. So if you persevere and stick with it, you have already won against 95% of the competitors.

10.  You don’t love what you do

The tenth and final mistake that I keep observing also plays a role in many of the points mentioned above.

Many aspiring website owners have the money they want to earn as their main motivation. This motivation lasts for a while but eventually subsides.

Instead, the really successful website owners share one trait. They love what they do. Don’t get me wrong here. Of course, if you want to make money, you have to worry about making money on the internet. But the main motivation should be to have fun doing online business.

There will be difficult and exhausting times before the first successes appear. And even after that, things don’t always run smoothly and there can be trouble. Anyone who is not passionate about it and simply has fun with it will sooner or later give up or give up.

That is why you should n’t primarily think about making money, but bring fun and friends with website building and online business. Then, in my experience, the chances of success are much better.


As mentioned above, mistakes in themselves are not completely bad. Many mistakes make us better website operators and create a valuable experience.

However, the mistakes I mentioned in these two articles are often responsible for the lack of success or even giving up completely.

Therefore, in my opinion, one should be aware of these mistakes and try to avoid them from the start.

What do you think about it and what other serious mistakes you may have made while Making Money On The Internet.

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