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My First Blog – All My Steps and Techniques

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My First Blog

For all the readers, I was also a reader of engaging content. The reading and usefulness of the content now become my profession. I have published thousands of blogs and articles. However, this journey was also new for me if I go back and see myself when I have written my first blog.

I can see many bloggers are writing blogs, with the hope of being ranked, some are very successful in this, but some are not. In order to reach such a position, we have to make sure that whatever we are doing, we are doing it right.

In this blog, I am going to tell you, how I have started, and the key points for a good blog.

The initial blog is always based on the introduction of you and what you are going to write. Any wrong selection may lead to failure, hence, prepare yourself first what you are going to describe.

While writing your first blogs, keep the content engaging, and think why the users should come to read your blogs next time. Why they should visit your blog again and how your content will reach out to the maximum readers.

Many beginners do not think about this main thing while starting the blog. They use to be in a hurry to post blogs and fill their sites up with lots of content and images.

Hence, I have to say this with regret this will not work at all, and things will never come in such a way as you want. If the users will not read your first blog there are chances they will not come to your site again for sure.

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Therefore, in this post, I am going to tell you how I have written the first blog post.

What should my first blog post be about?

The very first thing you need to consider, you cannot write a blog for everything. Random niche writing may not help, and it is risky to plot something beyond your knowledge. If writing is your hobby, then it is fine, you can go with any niche and any topic.

What should my first blog post be about

To do blogging, choose a big topic [niche in the language of blogging] and then write posts on small points related to it. Like- if you choose your low “Technology”, then you can write about technology, blogging, SEO, Internet, and gadgets, etc.

So far, you have chosen your niche, now it is the turn to decide on the topic of the blog post. For this, select the most vital point of your niche. Like in Tech Niche you can write your first post on the topic “What is Technology.” After this, you can gradually move towards advanced things. Similarly, in the business niche, you can write your first post on the topic “Self Business Ideas.”

What to do while writing your first blog post?

For new bloggers, it is worthiest to mention the following things-

About you– Nobody knows about you in the online world. Try mentioning about you, how you have started blogging. When the users want to connect with you through your content, you should provide the information about you. Brief them about your experiences, your blog, and other things like your hobbies and interests.

IF you express more about you, you will get more users engagements in your content; they will follow your posts, read them out, and will definitely share as well.

Use some of your real photos along with the caption and make the content more realistic.

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How do I introduce myself to my first blog

Starting your blog is not always the primary thing; you additionally have to know that you are starting from the right. If you add all the things that I have advised in this post in your first post, then you are gaining a brilliant start.

Do not just keep yourself related to the keyboard only

If you post only imaginary content, it will affect your readers’ count. Everyone likes reading authentic content; hence, it should be like your real picture in the form of a blog.

Readers can easily connect with you through the content, and the information will make them visit your site constantly.

Purpose of your blogging?

May professional and famous bloggers always provide information about them. It the key point to keep the audience connected. In addition, keep in mind; you should be aware of the reader’s level, and provide the content accordingly.

Provide the following information will make your blog more appealing

  1. Why the readers should come to your blog?
  2. For which information, the reader land to your site?
  3. Will they get the appropriate information for what they have come to your blog?

Tell your readers these things in a clear manner, and they will surely connect with you for future readings.

Mention the things/content you are going to add in the future. Inform them what they will find whenever they come to your website.

  • The Target Audience– If you mention the target audience in the first post, it will encourage the reader while they search for any specific content.
  • Who are you writing for– It is another key point of how you should write your blog. Write a good and connective story type blog, which makes the blog more popular. If the readers will feel like you are writing for them only, they will be constant readers of your content.
  • How the readers can connect with you– Post or provide some options for the readers, so that they can definitely connect with you. Try mentioning some line at the end of the blog like- Stay in touch, let’s connect, Get back to me, etc.
  • Provide comments section– The comment section in your blog will actually work as a base point. Readers can react to your content and give feedback so that you can improve your future blogs accordingly. Some readers also demand some specific blogs on some niche or topics; you can gather the entire requirement and start writing the blogs as they request or suggest.
  • Prompt responses of readers’ comments– Try to respond to the readers’ comments as soon as you can. It will inspire them and encourage visiting your blog regularly.
  • Specify your goal of blogging correctly- Whatever expectation you have from your blog or what you want to achieve through your blog, you must inform it in your first post.

Wrapping up

So, here is the complete storyline of my first blog. If you are still curious, how to write your first blog let me know in the comment box. You can also share your experience with your first blog writing.

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