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Number #1 Legit Sites to Work From Home and Make Money Online

Make money online

Make Money Online:  Why people so fascinated about easy money?

Work from home or make money online, these are the two small sentences ever confusing, yet everyone wishes to give a try.

Realty is, there is no such trick that can bring easy money. One has to work and work to earn money, whether online or offline.

So, if you wish to work online, work from home, I am going to give you two legit sites, which are no cheating. It will pay if you work consistently and smartly.

Before trying these methods, make sure you have made your mind to work consistently. If you work consistently, then no one stops you from earning money online.

One more thing, I must tell you here, is to keep your motivation level high, just focus on the required work process. Make a small goal to achieve first.

Once you will achieve your this tiny goal in a set time, it will boost up you and then you will be ready to earn big money. This is the secret of making money online.

No one can teach you, only you can teach yourself. Because there is a lot of information floating around the web. Everyone claiming for big money in no time, that is only to ignite you. It is not the truth. Truth is, you have to apply your skills, time and of course have to trust in the method taught.

Okay, I think I have given enough insight into how you can earn money, work from home.

Now, is the time to let you know the legit sites where you can register yourself absolutely free and follow certain methods, rules to earn money online.

Here is the first site:

1. Anylancer 

Anylancer is one of the legit sites which offers, a small amount for various type of task. If you do that task consistently, I am sure you will be earning good money at the end of each month.

What you have to do here on

You need to sign up ( Absolutely Free).

Once you finish the sign-up and verify your email, try to complete the profile.

Now you can choose various type of task to perform as per your time, and energy. Because certain tasks do not require a special skill set, just admin kind of work.

For example, very easy tasks are:

  1. Watch video
  2. Sign Up
  3. Twitter Follow
  4. Comment,etc.

There are many simple tasks which you can do quickly and easily.

2  Money Guru

Again, this is a legit site where you can make smart income in a very short time. Register free here.

As soon as you finish registration, you will get $10 for the welcome bonus. Now you can earn through referral and available tasks.

Money Guru

Anyone can make $500 per week if work consistently on this site.

Bonus: Another proven way to work from home and make money online.

1. Affiliate Promotion

Affiliate is another way to make money online. This requires expertise and hence it may take time to give you the result.

There are few very popular affiliate sites where you can create your account and choose a product to promote as per your interest and ability to promote the same.

Here are a few affiliate sites you can try:


2. Facebook Advertisement

This is one of a good way to work from home and make money online, but it requires the prior training and expertise to understand the advertisement psychology.

Now, the question arises, what should I advertise on Facebook?

Well,  once you enter into the world of making money online, you will see the number of opportunities are there to work from home.

Here are some tips to work on Facebook advertisement.

Create an Amazon associate account through the link given below, and choose the products which sales most.

Amazon Associate Program

How you will know which product is selling the most?

See the below image of the product listed on the Amazon. You can see there is feedback or reviews below the title.

Amazon Product

Any listed product having a maximum number of reviews is understood to be good selling. You should consider this product to use as an affiliate product and you can promote through Facebook Advertisement.

You can watch the training video for Amazon associate account set up here.

Bottom line:

There are many other ways to make money online, but I am giving here the only these, because I want you to start earning, not getting confused with so many ideas to make money online.

When I started working on these ideas,  I never thought it can bring me an amount which I am willing to get, but working consistently on these ideas, rewarded me good amount at the end of each month and hence I have chosen these as full-time work.

Now I am working on these along with other make money online methods.

Comment here if you have any queries, doubt, or having a problem setting up Amazon associate account. I can help.

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