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Productive: 8 Ways to Stay Productive When You Work From Home


Productive: After the Noble Corona Virus, work from the home culture around the world has eliminated the gap between professionalism and lifestyle.

Over the last four months, ‘Work from Home’ has not only become popular in various countries including India, but it has also increased creativity and efficiency.

However, during work from home, maintaining your functionality amidst the anxiety, work pressure and family movements – is also an art.

According to Ernst and Young Agency, employees were finding themselves unable to work without an office set up in the lockdown.

They faced a lot of difficulties in coordinating between the lack of office environment and the carefree style of the house.

But, if you keep a few things in mind, you can improve your performance and can do more productive work.

Here are some key points of how to be more productive

1. Focus on creating a team leader

As US President Winston Churchill used to say, the opportunity is hidden in every disaster. If you have a start-up, this is the right time to make the team strong and self-reliant.

Give them an opportunity to come upstairs and stay productive. Prioritize competence rather than seniority. In this era of economic crisis, create a sense of security from colleagues.

2. Participate in virtual events

Online meetings, webinars, and virtual discussions have emerged as important technical supports during the lockdown.

Become part of such webinars and workshops related to your region can make you more productive. These panels also provide an opportunity to interact with the industry.

Also, attend seminars like Mental Health, Career, and Development.

3. Complete Unfinished Tasks

The world has become a vacuum after the lockdown. To fill this empty space, work again on projects that are incomplete due to lack of time. Use this time to start a project that requires more time and planning than other projects.

4. Focus On Mental Health

It is already known that life after Corona will not be the same. Mental health problems will likely to be increased. Depression, stress, and future fears will also increase.

In such a situation, through exercise, yoga, meditation, and psychological counselling, keep nurturing your mental health continuously. Only a healthy team leader can inspire a team on how to be more productive.

5. Always Keep Yourself Updated

Celebrities like Henry Ford, Dhirubhai Ambani, and Amitabh Bachchan have written success stories in the worst phase of their career. There is a need to constantly cut ourselves if we want more time that is productive. Read about the latest events and research related to the field, make notes. Success requires constant effort.

6. Network Strong

Engage and discuss with industry clients and long-term investors for current scenarios, future projects and new opportunities. The most important thing is that you constantly make new connections and develop your network.

7. Continue To Learn New Skills


Research shows that after acquiring new information or even new skills, there is a secretion of adrenaline hormone in our body and brain which keeps us excited and happy.

Use free time to increase your skills. Experts say choose a course that is different from your current field of work.

8. Use And Check Feedback

Get a prototype you have not tested yet. Observe the reaction of the people and guess what else they are expecting from such and such product.

The world is increasingly adopting digital platforms. Hence, take advantage of this and try to get the maximum audience for your creation. This will increase the reach of your product, which will ultimately benefit you.

Bottom Lines

Productive work always needs dedication and some good influence. The all above things and practices can grab your interest in your work from home time. Enhance your knowledge and skills to make your work from home time more easily, which brings results that are more positive.

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