Technology Gyan: 5 Useful Tips to Make Good Use of Technology

Technology Gyan

Technology Gyan: This is the age of technology. If you understand the nuances of technology, many of your tasks can be quite straightforward.

We all become curious many time when we see some gadgets, about how it is working. By reading this Technology Gyan blog, you will know about some interesting things related to technology.

1. Router Placement

These days, we use a Wi-Fi router to connect various devices such as lap-top, mobiles, tabs, Smart TV, etc. Sometimes, we experience a weak signal and hence lost the connectivity.

Wi-FI signals originate in a circle outside the router. If you want maximum WI-FI coverage, then the router should be placed in the centre of the house.

Wi-Fi signals always travel downwards, so set the router to a height for better coverage. Wi-Fi signals are impacted by two things – the interfaces of thick walls and other devices such as cordless phones, microwave ovens or wireless headphones. If there is a thick wall in the middle, then you will get weak signals.

2. Multiple – Remote

Typically, home TV is connected to multiple sources such as set-top boxes, DVD or Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, media. If there are remotes for AC, music system etc. in the house, one can take one for all.

There are many remotes available in the market having more features and compatibility.

3. Cable Management

As the use of technology increased in the house, the cable network also becomes messy in the entire house. Basic cable cover organizer can be used to get rid of this problem. It is a flexible pipe from which you can cover and hide all wires.

You can also tie all the cables with zip ties if you want. If you’re going to get the house painted, you can also make the wires fit into the walls. No cable will be seen from this, and the beauty of the home will remain. You can convert a wired device to wireless to get rid of wires.

4. Wireless-Printing

Technology Gyan

Most homes have wired printers where the desktop is kept. In such a situation, one has to go to that room to print anything.

If you are planning for a new printer, then you can get a built-in Wi-Fi printer. If you already have a wired printer, then you can connect it to the Wi-Fi router. This will make it available on every device on the home network.

5. Power Drain

In standby mode, most devices consume small amounts of power. This is called vampire power. This small amount of energy can increase the monthly bill. To get rid of this expense, instead of leaving any device on standby mode, you should turn off the supply.

You can buy a power consumption monitor to keep watch of daily power consumption and can contribute to power saving.

Bottom Lines

Technology has taken human beings to the heights of many achievements. It is wide for those who love experiments and implementing ideas. After all, every new research is new for the founders, but they never give up by repeating the practices of implementation.

I hope you all like this “Technology Gyan”, please share your feedback by commenting below. All suggestions and feedback are welcomed. Happy reading!

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