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Video Ideas For YouTube: 50 Ideas To Create Videos For Social Sites

Video Ideas for YouTube

Video Ideas For YouTube: Everyone these days looking to earn money online, but struggling to find topics for the right content to create videos.

Today, I am sharing 50 very common ideas which we do on a daily basis knowingly or unknowingly.

The video ideas are not sorted because there is no general order. What makes more sense for one may be less useful for another.

Therefore, it is important that you get inspiration from the list below and choose the best video ideas for your individual situation. If you want to earn money through videos, or video sharing sites, the following are very good video ideas for YouTube.

1. My story

Personal insights are always popular. By telling your own story, ideally of course with reference to the topic of the channel or social media profile, you can reach a lot of people. But be careful, too much personal insight can be harmful.

2. Current purchase

Whether it is the new digital camera or a book, the idea of ​​a current purchase can go down very well with the right target group.

3. Room Tours

Whether in the kitchen, office or garage. If you organize a small room tour to match your own channel/profile topic, many viewers find it interesting and it is very nice video ideas for YouTube.

4. Q&A

questions from viewers can be answered very well in a video. Such videos are created very quickly and also come across as very personal.

5. Interview

It is a little more time-consuming to conduct interviews in front of the camera. However, today you don’t have to sit across from each other anymore. In this respect, it is now quite possible to conduct regular interviews with interesting people.

6. Unboxing

If you regularly get or buy new and / or interesting products, an unboxing video can be very popular. Many find it good to take a closer look at the packaging before buying the product themselves.

7. Top 10

Top 10s are popular everywhere. Of course, you can also use this in your own videos and publish top 10 lists on a regular basis.

8. Mistakes

Honesty and openness are not only well-received but are only practised by relatively few. That is why it can work very well when you talk about your own mistakes and what you have learned from them.

9. Taking a look

behind the scenes and, for example, providing information about your own workflows or other internal information can be very exciting for the target group. Such videos are particularly worthwhile if you are quite successful.

10. Competition

To raffle something still attracts many new visitors today and of course you can do that in a video.

11. Review

For many more professional YouTubers and social media users, in particular, review videos are a core element of their strategy. After all, you can also use affiliate marketing here very well.

12. Challenge

A special challenge loosens up everyday life a little and in a video, you can either take part in a challenge or start one yourself.

13. Instructions / Tutorial

Tutorial videos are more complex and long, and very popular video ideas for YouTube. Here you really explain something step by step. But these videos are often very well received and are long-running hits.

14. News

News videos are created quickly and are of interest to many. Simply pick up the latest news from your industry, talk about it and also give your personal opinion.

15. Future plans

A look into the future can be very exciting, especially if you present your own plans and future actions, events, etc.

16. Feedback

Especially when you already have a bit more coverage on the Internet, you get feedback from readers and viewers. This can be discussed separately in a video.

17. Tips

Practical tips are often very helpful and can be given in short videos.

18. Vlog

Just hold onto it and talk about all sorts of things from life. This can be a very authentic way of posting videos.

19. Event Report

If one is on any event or events, so you can report on it from there or afterwards.

20. Preview

Have new products been announced? Is there any new important content in the next month? Do you have beta software for testing? All this and more is very suitable for a preview in video form.

21. Favourite

A list of your own favourites in a certain area also creates a personal level and gets people to click on the video. Surely one of the most popular video ideas.

22. Award

You can of course also give one (or more) award (s) in a video.

23. Channel intro

Every YouTube channel should have an intro video in which you introduce your own channel and explain to new visitors what they can find here.

24. Problems

With many online publishers, everything is always sunshine. But the reality looks different. There will always be problems and you will only be successful if you overcome these problems.

25. Time-lapse

Technically a bit more demanding, but visually impressive are time-lapses. For example, you could film yourself at work and turn it into a time-lapse video.

26. Tricks

Video Ideas for YouTube

Fast and not so well known hacks and tricks can be introduced in a short video and thus attract a lot of viewers. But here, too, it should match your own channel/profile.

27. Examples

In theory, you can tell a lot, but if you can show real examples, it is usually much more popular.

28. Analyzes

In a video, you can analyze many things very well and give your own opinion. For example, the analysis of external websites is very popular with me.

29. Milestone

motivation is always good. Therefore it can be very exciting for you, but especially for the audience, to find out about milestones that have been achieved.

30. History

Learning about the history of a particular subject helps to understand its current meaning and future development. History and events are the most in-demand video ideas for YouTube

31. Rant

The rant should be enjoyed with caution. But you can get a lot of attention to it.

32. Private video

Insights into private life are very popular with more well-known people. Here you just have to be careful not to reveal too much.

33. Video series

Instead of a single video, you can make a series out of it. This ensures that the audience wants to know how things will continue and how to come back.

34. Ideas

to present and discuss ideas is usually very well received. It also helps to come up with new ideas yourself.

35. Goals

You can record your own goals in video form. This is not only interesting for the audience, but you also enter into a certain obligation.

36. Recap Video

A review of the last year or a certain action often brings very interesting insights and know-how for the audience.

37. Routines

Often it is the little things that interest outsiders. For example, you could introduce your morning and evening routines.

38. Forecasts

Who doesn’t want to know what the future will look like? Predictions are therefore very popular and you can use that by presenting them in a video.

39. FAQ

Answering reader/viewer questions once is interesting, but if you do that over and over, it becomes a nuisance. Therefore you can record videos in which you answer the recurring questions once.

40. Product demo

It is very practical to see and present interesting products in real use. In this way, viewers can get an even better picture of the product.

41. Quiz

interactivity is also an issue in videos. How about a little quiz, for example, which consists of different videos.

42. Presentation It

can be made pretty easy if you publish a presentation in video form. In this way, you can convey a lot of know-how.

43. Background

Timeless videos ensure long-term good views. Background information is one of those timeless videos that you should definitely publish.

44. Lists

I already mentioned top lists, but there are a few other ways to convert lists into video form. For example, I plan to present the plugins that I use on my blog.

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45. Screencast

Nowadays it is very easy to record your own screen and publish it as a video. There are many opportunities for interesting screencasts, especially for self-employed people on the Internet who mainly work on a PC.

46. Explanatory video

An explanatory video is a well-planned, high-quality video in which a specific issue is clearly explained.

47. Product comparison

By comparing several products with each other instead of just presenting a single product, the video is usually much more dynamic and it is also more believable.

48. Pros and Cons

Hardly anything in this world is black or white, even if many people want to sell us this on the internet and one or the other mass medium. That is why you can very well go into videos on the advantages and disadvantages, the pros and cons of a topic.

49. Videos

Less of a classic comparison than a comparison of 2 options are “vs. Videos ”. This allows you to make comparisons and give recommendations away from real products.

50. Tool presentation

Software is becoming more and more important, especially online services. In short and crisp videos you can introduce tools, plugins, services, software etc. and ideally describe your own experiences with them.

Do you have to use all of these video ideas? Certainly not. This list should serve as an inspiration and show that there are very diverse video ideas and that you should try something new.

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