Windows Tools: Windows Tools Will Make Life Easier and Fast

Windows Tools

Windows Tools: Windows tools will make life easier and fast. There are tools for Windows PC that can make the work easier.


If there are some files in the personal computer, which you think no one should see them, then use TrueCrypt.

It can protect anything on your hard drive. This makes the data out of reach of hackers. This can also create an encrypted volume in the drive.

It performs encryption-decryption using the technology of modern multicore processors.


Recuva can recover documents.

When you click delete for a file,  the file is not actually deleted. It becomes hidden and anything is ready to be overwritten by freeing up space.

This can be recovered if you do not write the data over on the already deleted data or format the memory device.


XBMC is the media centre software for Windows.

XBMC For Windows

If you have a PC connected to a TV or watching movies, music or photographs on a laptop, then XBMC is a must for you. Its interface is customizable also.

Cam Studio

Anything you are doing on screen, it can record the screen and it converts into a video.

If someone wants to show something on PC, then cam studio can be started. It is a very powerful tool for an online computer trainer.

Cross Loop

With CrossLoop, anyone can connect to your computer and work on the PC for a while with your permission.

It does not require a complex VNC client or IP address. For this, both PC/ Mac must have cross loop installed and have a good internet connection. After this, you can connect with each other. Again this is very useful for training, troubleshooting.


If you are working on Windows and want to open multiple windows at the same time, the old desktop and taskbar get confused.

You can have four different desktops from the dexpot. Each of these can be operated as a personal computer.

It has separate windows for everyone and runs different programs as well.

For better performance

If you want a Slick software dock and launcher like mac X, then RocketDock can be used.

You can choose a location on it. Also, you can choose different themes and animation effects. You can add and remove short cuts with the help of drag and drop, too.

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