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YouTube Video Ideas: Create Mysterious Videos and Make Money Online

YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube Video Ideas: Are you planning to create videos for social media platforms, but struggling for video content? This is for you!

These days, everyone is uploading videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites. You can find videos on almost every subject, categories.

People take great interest in history and mystery. There are a lot of movies,  books, TV serials are created based on history.

So, how you can create mysterious videos for your YouTube channel and monetize it to make money online?

Here I am going to give you step by step which you can follow to create a great video that anyone can do.

You need the following stuff to make a good video.

  1. Site for video content ideas.
  2. Short relevant royalty-free videos and Images.
  3. Background music
  4. Voice-over
  5. Video editing tool/software
  6.  Tools to find Video Tags
  7. Video Thumbnail

Okay, now you have all the important steps which are required to create a great video for your YouTube channel.

1. Site for video content

I have found a site for YouTube Video Ideas, it is It has all important categories but you have to select ‘Bizarre’ category to find content for your video.

Listverse Bizarre

In this category, you can find a lot of topics suitable for creating a very nice video. Choose any one for the content.

2. Relevant royalty-free videos and images.

To make appealing videos, you need to have relevant quality images and videos. There are many royalty-free stocks available.

You can check, for the short background videos and images. Download free images and videos from these sites to use in your videos.

3. Background music for YouTube Video Ideas

While narrating the story, having background music is a must. To download the royalty-free music for your videos, you can check YouTube audio library.

4. Voice-over

You can use your mobile to record the content voice over. To record it, make sure mic is at a good distance, the noise-free room where you are recording the audio for your video.

If you think you need more professional voice over, then I suggest finding on There are many voice-over artists available on Fiverr.

Once you finish the recording, download this audio file to use in your video.

5. Video editing tool/software

Now, everything is ready to integrate to produce a very nice video. To create a video on your computer system, you need to have some video making software.

You can use Openshot video making tool, it is absolutely free. If you are not willing to download any third-party tool, then you can use the windows 10 video making app.

Windows 10 Video Maker

You can find here the windows10 video making tool.

It is easy to use, refer the following video, how to use the windows 10 video making app.

6. Tools to find Video Tags

Now, you are ready with your awesome video. It is always a great idea to use video search keywords when you upload on the youtube.

To find relevant search terms, you can use the Tool called VIDIQ. It is a chrome extension which shows the video tags and other important factors.

VidIqHow to use VidIQ: Find similar video which is having a good number of views. VidIQ will show its video tags, use these for your videos along with some of the keywords from your video content.

7. Video Thumbnail

Finally, when you upload your video on youtube, you will be asked for the video thumbnail. The video thumbnail is an attention-grabbing image with title, and it can be created using online image editing software like Canva.

Bottom line:

All these covers the YouTube Video Ideas. Don’t forget to share your videos on social media sites, and also in your network.

You can join a similar group on  Facebook, and post this video to have some initial views. Wait for a few days, it will bring a lot of views.

Once you will meet the youtube monetization criteria, you can opt for monetizing your video.

Very soon, your video will start showing ads, in this way you can earn passive income.

If you need any help, comment here, I will help you personally. All the best!

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